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Easy Siphon

The ingenious drainage tube

Frequently, it happens with renovation as well as with new building that 7cm thick partition walls are utilized, which are affected in their stability when a common drainage pipe is laid in (which has to be at least a 4 to 5 cm deep slit that must be milled in the wall). How badly the wall is affected in its stability depends on the state of the wall. With renovations, the deep slit could cause damaging of the wall of the neighboring room.

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The ultimate space-saver in washbasin furniture

ESS presents the flattest washbasin siphon available on the market. With only 55 mm installation depth this drainage tube offers manufacturers the possibility to design bathroom furniture without siphon recess.

No need for siphon recess in bathroom furniture
Ultra thin and therefore easy to install behind furniture
Compatible for washbasins with push-open valve
Fits all standard drain pipes DN 40/DN 50

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